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Find a Variety of Tableware in Toronto

You can count on J.F.S. Restaurant Equipment Ltd in Toronto to supply your bar or restaurant with quality tableware for your customers to enjoy. Whether you need candles to help set a specific mood, serving dishes to help improve presentation, or glassware to ensure no one goes thirsty, we can help you find the right equipment that matches your décor and needs.


You’ll find that we carry a range of supplies from suppliers that we count on. You can contact us directly for more information, or to place an order.

Tableware We Carry


Candles help set the mood for your restaurant or bar. We offer high-quality candles for restaurants and bars so you can help create the atmosphere you want. 


Brands Available

China Dinnerware

China Dinnerware

What piece of equipment is more important to a restaurant than its dinnerware? At J.F.S. Restaurant Equipment Ltd, we carry a range of china dinnerware from a variety of brands to help you ensure your restaurant is properly stocked. We offer plates, bowls, mugs, platters, and more.

Brands Available


We carry flatware (forks, knives, spoons, serving utensils, etc) to help stock your restaurant or bar and ensure you’re prepared to serve guests. Choose from one of several brands to help represent your business.

Brands Available

Champagne Glasses


Whether you’re operating a bar, catered event, restaurant, or banquet, glassware is one of the most important items in your equipment list. Stock your restaurant or bar with glassware that matches your aesthetic from some of the best brands in the business. Choose beer mugs, mason jars, wine glasses, tumblers, or just about any other kind of glass design on the market.

Brands Available